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  • Sorry to be rude, but where's the new alpha?

  • Hi Dinjoralo, I'm very sorry for letting you wait; originally we planned to release a new alpha last month; the next date would have been on Tuesday, but we agreed to do a clean and relatively complete release instead of something that's just botched and half-done; we have a bunch of new exciting things to play with, and new configuration options, but they're not all done yet. I can't wait for the new release myself.

    I'm currently aiming for a release next Tuesday, April 22nd. I hope you can hold out a little longer.

  • Short update because it's April 22nd and the alpha is still not ready yet (sorry!).
    Steam launch scheduled for May 15th (with the new alpha).

  • Oh man, I nearly forgot about the upcoming alpha. I've been too absorbed in the Dark Souls II PC hype. :P
    I feel you should just put it out when it's done and ready, deadlines be damned. Though getting it on Steam would be good for getting an influx of new backers, I know that releasing something janky would likely result in a boatload of complaints and negativity that would be very bad in the long run.

  • edited April 2014

    @dinjoralo. So true. We have/had the same thoughts :).

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