Nowhere Development Status
Current Version: Alpha 91
Release: TBA
Last tweet: 285 days ago

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Website status

edited February 2014 in Announcements

Website/Forum todos

  • Markdown needs single-linebreak support [BLOCKER]
  • test on Internet Explorer
  • add responsive CSS (iOS, Android)
  • integrate WYSIWYG editor
  • provide proper CSS for all supported HTML tags in posts/comments (partially done)
  • add RSS page
  • add live parsing of project funding percentage
  • add live parsing of "last tweet"
  • add Markdown cheat-sheet
  • add support for inline imgur/youtube previews to posts/comments
  • remove private beta warning
  • create favicon
  • create og:image and apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png
  • test social sharing
  • fix IP logging regression
  • the editor-icons are confusing
  • there are some text-alignment issues at the discussions list
  • enable Twitter/FB oAuth logins
  • check why this comment doesn't display the imgur gallery inline


  • turn on tagging?
  • allow "activities"?
  • add live parsing of current nowhere build?

The ponylist

  • show list of users currently online
  • Remove gender from Signup
  • integrate Gravatar
  • support for user-signatures/banners
  • rename "Discussions" to "Posts"
  • make comments shareable

Server todos

  • add vhosts and redirects
  • test restore of backup
  • setup repository on bitbucket
  • test deployment
  • fix folder permissions


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