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Any way to make this run faster?

edited February 2014 in Support

I played it for about an hour and was blown away, only downside is I get about 12 fps (estimating here). I ran it in windowed mode and got maybe 17 fps (also a guess), which isn't bad I can still play it but it would be nice to run it faster.


  • Have you already tried the "--video-quality" command line option?

    From the readme.txt:

    Video Quality

    Using the command-line options --video-quality 0 to --video-quality 6, you
    can control the quality of the graphics and improve the performance of the
    game on your system. The default is 4, and high end cards should use at most 5.
    0 is a complete fallback under which the game will work -at all-, while 6 is
    a mode best suited for taking beauty screenshots.

    You can add the --video-quality option in nowhere.bat with a text editor to experiment with the setting.

  • MrWagoner knows the tricks :). Thanks for answering the question!

    KillerStarBunny, which graphics card?

  • Have you already tried the "--video-quality" command line option?

    Nope, thank you!

    From the readme.txt:

    Facepalm Duh why didn't I read the README.

    KillerStarBunny, which graphics card?

    AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics

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