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Updated Alpha?

It's been about 4 years I believe from when I first greenlighted, got this game, and tried out the alpha. I was blown away from the concept and the few things I tried out. Each time I get back here I just get more and more depressed. I'll read the blogs every once I a while and since I learned programming I understand why things are the way they are. I'm just frustrated with not being able to see the progress. I've debated many of times to invest more into this game, hoping it will finish faster. With no new demos, constant revamps of system, or lack of communication I don't know how much faith I have left. I understand he doesn't want to release a buggy or unfinished alpha, but if I was to start seeing those I would be ecstatic. I would be hyped back up for this game. Blog post are nice, but give the alphas a chance to speak for themselves.

Of course that's just what I feel and think. I've wanted to say this for about 3 years now. I don't regret ever investing in this games success, just waiting for a glimmer or hope.


  • I agree. And as a huge enemy of tooling in my eyes this is the worst kind of tooling: creating a whole new programming language. I still trust the Ritters that they will finish it and it will be beautiful when finished. And I understand the problem of estimating time. Especially in software dev as a dev myself. And in itself Scopes is a great language as well as the soon-to-be custom renderer. Nevertheless, when i backed the project I backed to have a game and not a toolchain, no matter how great the toolchain is. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the work you do, and knowing all this I would still back the project. But as the saying goes: Kleine Geschenke erhalten die Freundschaft and especially the excitement when I first saw your trailer.

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