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3D Print A Nowherian?

edited March 8 in Community

So I recently got access to a 3D Printer, and I would LOVE to print a Nowherian, whether it be created in Alpha 75, or generated in alpha 91. Is there any way I can possibly do this? I'd imagine it'd be way easier to use a generation from alpha 91, since alpha 75 doesn't have a save file. Any way I can get a model?


  • Hi. I will look into this. But from the knowledge I currently have it should be doable. But I cant quite remember the format the meshes are stored

  • Afaik the .mesh files are DirectX(?) mesh files. So in theory they could definitely be printed. However I do not believe that Paniq or Faith would use a proprietary format for a driver that is not supported under Linux. So either happy code searching or waiting until duangle answers.

  • edited June 21

    Great idea. We would be honored. Currently, this isn't possible (sorry!).
    Printing Nowherians in the future/from new alpha versions shouldn't be a problem.

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