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  • ELI5, how is this more than a simple 3D engine demo? I can't see any gameplay whatsoever? I mean, I like all those big ideas you talk about in your other video and on your website but it seems like exactly none of those have been even started to appear in the actual game yet?

  • For more gameplay check out our new Alpha 91. :) New blog article and video will be released pretty soon.

  • Hello,

    can you tell me the name of the song in the trailer?
    I can't find it on paniq's homepage.

    Thanks in advance.

  • edited July 2015

    Hello @CDJM .

    Sorry, I can't, because this song hasn't got a name. He created it for the 2013 trailer.

    Wish you a great weekend!

  • I'm very excited to see gameplay as well, tethering around is cool and all but you can only do that so much until it gets kinda boring. I'm having a difficult time seeing where exactly the game is going. It does look a bit more polished and I'm sure there are features that have been added/modified that I can not readily recognize but I kinda feel like I'm looking at the land that an architect is planning on working on but I haven't seen what the building is going to look like, or anything. Waiting for the work to be accomplished is one thing but it would be nice to see some rough drafts of how it's going to look and/or how the game mechanics are going to work, aside from the tether and the personal customization/molding options. Those of which I am very excited to see along with the rest of the game. insert cliche' motivational statement here :)

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