Nowhere Development Status
Current Version: Alpha 91
Release: TBA
Last tweet: 724 days ago

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  • Hey, MrProfit. Glad to have bought this game, and be a person early in on development.

    I have no skills or knowledge in programming, modding, artwork, etc. but I like Nowhere.

    Will stick around.

  • Just as with many promising works in progress, I lost sight of Nowhere back when I couldn't buy it. Those days are over! Just dove into it with the Rift for the first time, just popped out to register on the forum and say "Slartibartfast!". And: hi! :)

    First experience was somewhat similar to having my mind chain-blown by Boxplorer2 (with some added great music) - anyone who's here but hasn't been there, should:

    Looking forward to this journey, thanks for adding to the world(s).

  • Hello everyone!
    I joined the alpha already some time ago, but I'm registering on the forums only now.

    Looking forward some insightful discussions on the progress of this game!

  • Hallo iedereen!

    Good luck with creating this great game, I'll be right along your side.

    PS. Gotta say I love the community surrounding all this. I've been reading around somewhat and it restores some of my confidence in what's possible in this bewildering Internet the last years.

  • Salve, greetings & Hallo!

    after supporting duangle in the early stage, it got somehow out of my focus. Now, I've seen NOWHERE on the Humble store and just joined

    I'm very sceptical about this game ... ... Of course not! I like the style of the graphics and just hope, that neither money runs out nor your Art style gets corrupted by demands of an investor.

    Concerning money: a new alpha showing progress could probably let my hand dig into my pocket to multiply my initial pledge. ;-)

    So, keep doing what you can do best: coding a cool engine and styling wonderful art!


  • Greetings all!

    Glad to be part of the community and looking forward to further progress!

    As a 3d artist (using Blender almost since its inception) and dabbler in programming I always look for games with more going on under the hood. I came across Nowhere on a list of Oculus games on Wikipedia (seeing interesting names and following links,) and found it to be breathtaking in scope and creative vision.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

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