Nowhere Development Status
Current Version: Alpha 91
Release: TBA
Last tweet: 724 days ago

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Playing the alpha to help development

I was wondering if there is any concrete way for users to help with the development of the game, beside the initial funding.

The first guess would be that opening alpha access provides insights into the response of each build on different machines and OS, but my question is more pointed to in-game details.

Whether it can be with ideas for characteristics of the nowherians, or suggestions on the UI, or even trying mini-tasks to study the potentialities of what is already created, I would be more than happy to give my small contribution!


  • Hi Cjdron,

    at the moment the game is at an early stage, and barely any of what is planned has been exposed yet - but we have pretty definite conceptions of how the design should pan out. Later alphas, starting from the next one, should be inviting more feedback regarding the games state.

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