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Current Version: Alpha 91
Release: TBA
Last tweet: 724 days ago

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A Feature Roadmap?

I FINALLY got this game to work after wiping my whole hardrive (It was time for that anyways)

And my god it was beautiful...

I got into the game, and there were 3 notable... things (That reminded me of coral) , a HUGE one that I explored alot, a medium one that I spawned next to, and a really tiny dull one.

Only problem is, once you explore for about 5 minutes you've pretty much experienced the whole game. I understand you're a 2 person team, and will slowly integrate feature after feature, but can we get exact dates or timeframes on this stuff?

When will "Nowherians" have actual AI, and not just be floating around structures?

When will any interaction with Nowherians be available?

When will you actually be able to look at yourself. From what I could tell, I was a small sphere with a grappling hook (The shadow coming from the light suggested I was just a little ball)

I'd just like to know when NOWHERE actually starts having an objective of some sort.

Thanks for reading, MrProfit.


  • Try downloading alpha 75 from the download archive, it does not feature the grappling hook, but you can paint and form things instead, that's a huge lot of fun - and looks beautiful. Can't wait for the finished game ... and the next alpha first, though. Keep up the great work! :)

  • I think the grapple hook might have to be let go once the nowherians are given real AI.

    Imagine the "60 year old nowherian" attempting to grapple nowherians inside him, etc. it'd just be a big mess. Or if the really old nowherian (Big one) attempts to grapple, and he moves too fast for any nowherians inside him to actually live normally. I think it'd just be better to stick with normal wasd slow zero gravity swimming movement.

    Also, I think it mentioned in the video that "Nowherians can change how they look".

    So will the final game be like 3rd person, and you're able to actually edit your nowherian the same way you can in alpha 75 with other nowherians?

    Other than that I'm just curious what's coming up in the new update. Maybe add in other baby nowherians like yourself floating around in old Grandpa nowherian?

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