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Current Version: Alpha 91
Release: TBA
Last tweet: 5 days ago
Funding goal: 37%
Founders: 1615
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  • Even if I'm the only active poster in this forum at the moment, I am still rooting for you guys... Sadly, I don't have any extra money at my disposal at this time. My fingers are crossed that you'll come up with a solution! In my oppinion, returnin…
    in Comment by Bobmeier September 2015
  • Wow! Quite the impressive read, although I probably understood less than half of it, it is certainly a nice summary of how the development has evolved. And hopefully, some game developers will be able to make use of your extensive notes and experime…
  • I agree, I don't think you should rush the steam early access release or the final relase. Of course, nonetheless, I would personally enjoy some experimental releases for us alpha founders - but thats optional; Im happy as long as you let us know…
  • I even had a look at Duangles Bitbucket to seek out new infos - while the game is certainly being worked on, I did not understand much of it since it's obviously kept in very technical terms
  • Hows it going? Any new possible release dates or perhaps some screenshots or short updates - I'm always eager to find out new details about the game and how its progressing!
  • Now that its the 31st, happy birthday Leonard!
  • Hey thats awesome news! Wish you guys all the best!
  • Me too! Im looking at the forums and the blog to check for updates on a very regular basis, because I'm really interested in seeing how the game is coming along. Lets hope we'll get something to play with soon!
  • I would say the "Category" idea seems pretty solid to me - but i would also be statisfied with a simpler solution! When thinking about interactions, questions of how the interface will look also come to my mind - will there be screens to keep an ov…
  • Its been a while since ive read an update about the game, so I just wanted to make sure - is everything going well for you guys? Can't wait for some new infos about the game
    in Say hello! Comment by Bobmeier May 2014
  • Hey everyone! I also discovered this game through yesterdays RPS article and Im super excited as well. Being born in the mid 90s, I havent played any of the older games that are mentioned here, but I still believe that this concept is something tha…